Offering a broad selection of tree care solutions, Central Oregon Tree Experts provides you everything you need for tree health and maintenance.

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Madras Tree Service | Central Oregon Tree Experts
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The tree solutions you need

A small tree in the middle of a field.

Tree Planting

We can help with tree planting in Madras, or even provide you recommendations on best practices for DIY projects.

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A group of men working on a large tree.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree simply has to go. Fortunately for you, we can make the process simple and efficient with our tree removal service in Madras.

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A man hanging from a crane while working on a tree.

Tree Health Inspection & Treatment

Keep your trees healthy and growing with regular maintenance.

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A man climbing up a tall tree in a forest.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Strengthen the health and appearance of your trees with proper trimming and pruning.

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A couple of men standing next to a fallen tree.

Emergency Services

If you need immediate tree help in Madras, call us right away.

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a white truck parked in a parking lot next to a tall tree

Commercial tree services

Keep your Madras business looking great with our commercial tree services.

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A couple of men standing next to each other in the snow.

Residential Tree Services

Upgrade your Madras home with our residential tree services.

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A man climbing up a wooden pole on a rope.

Ladder Fuel Reduction

Keep your Madras home and your property safe with ladder fuel reduction.

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A man is cutting a log with a chainsaw.

High-quality tree care services in Madras, Oregon

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No matter the need, Central Oregon Tree Experts provides extensive tree solutions and top-notch customer service.

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