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At Central Oregon Tree Experts, we specialize in thorough tree health inspections and advanced treatment solutions to ensure the vitality of your trees.

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Ensuring strong, hearty trees through expert examination

Regular tree health inspections are essential for identifying potential issues early on, sustaining the longevity and health of your trees.

Valuable Insights

Our skilled and experienced team has a keen eye and understanding for tree-related problems, and can help you figure out your best steps in addressing any issues.

Tailored Solutions

We develop customized treatment plans that meet the unique needs of you, your trees, and your property.

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I wish I could give Brett and team 10 stars! Cannot recommend these guys enough. I moved into a rental property with trees that had been neglected for years. You name it - a giant sappy ponderosa, pest infestation, scale, trees falling over the fence, dead trees, root rot, pine beetle, scale - I inherited all kinds of problems. The Tree Experts not only helped take care of EVERYTHING, but Brett was super informative and shared a lot of great knowledge to help me learn about each tree and care for them moving forward so they can thrive.

Amy Williams

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Trust our knowledgeable team to address and fix your tree health concerns.