Required Information for Scheduled Jobs

Prior to scheduling our services, a valid credit card must be kept on file. This information will be securely stored and used only in accordance with our cancellation policy. 

Please contact our office directly at 541-480-9488 to provide your credit card information over the phone. 

Credit cards will be charged 30 days from date of service if alternate payment is not received.

Thank you for choosing Central Oregon TreeXperts. We look forward to serving you.

Payment Terms and Options

Payment for our services is due at the time-of-service completion. We offer several payment options for your convenience.

  1. Check: Payment can be made in the form of a check, which can be handed to our crew upon completion of service, mailed to our office, or dropped off in person during office hours Monday- Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the following address: 61563 American Loop, Bend, OR 97702
  2. E-check: A secure e-check option will accompany your emailed invoice.
  3. Credit Card: To pay by credit card please call our office at 541-480-9488 during business hours and our team will assist you with processing the payment over the phone. Credit card payments accepted only via phone. Credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% processing fee on the total.
  4. Cash: Enjoy a small discount for cash payments. 

Please let us know your preferred payment method, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance. We appreciate your prompt payment and value your business.

Payment policy

Payments not received within 30 days of the scheduled date will be subject to a late fee; a 5% interest charge accrued monthly on the total balance. 

Except for invoices that have an agreed upon payment plan, which will not incur fees unless payments are past due.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled date to not incur a fee (percentage of scheduled work). Dates scheduled within the same week are exempt, with the exception of a same day cancellation.  

15% fee incurred if canceling within 72 hours of scheduled date.

25% fee incurred if canceling within 24 hours of scheduled date.

40% fee incurred if canceling same day/upon arrival of scheduled date.

CAT (Corporate Activity) Tax Notice:

A tax on commercial activity – the sale of goods and services – in Oregon.

1% surcharge will be added to every job total.

Arrival Time Disclaimer

Please be advised that we are unable to provide a specific arrival time for our crew due to unknown variables in tree work. Many factors, such as the complexity of the job, weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances, can affect our scheduling. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we strive to complete your tree work with the utmost care and professionalism. Thank you for your patience.

Services Following Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Please be advised that stump grinding services are completed in a separate visit from tree removal. This may occur up to 30 days following the completion of tree removal. This allows for specialized equipment and focused attention on the stump removal process. While we strive to schedule stump grinding as promptly as possible, factors such as equipment availability, weather and scheduling logistics may affect the timeline.


Kindly note that tree treatment services are scheduled separately from tree removal or trimming appointments. This ensures that our team can focus solely on administering the necessary treatments to enhance your trees’ health and vitality. Treatment has a smaller window and is typically used as an annual treatment.

Wood Pickup Disclaimer

Any wood left on site for donation will be picked up by a third-party service following the original appointment. It’s important to note that the timing of wood pick up may vary depending on the availability of the third-party provider. The third-party provider will contact you directly to coordinate the pickup. We appreciate your understanding and patience in allowing for this process to be completed. Please contact us if wood has not been picked up at least a week out from the scheduled date so we may follow up with our contact.

Underground Damage Waiver

Stump grinding, deep root fertilizer, and some tree removal require soil disruption. Properly placed utilities are deeper than we can reach, however general irrigation lines and improperly installed utilities can interfere with our work and endanger our team. 

The client is responsible for requesting and assisting in utility locates by calling 811 and marking of any irrigation lines and underground services in our work area, including sprinkler heads. We are not responsible for any damage to underground irrigation that we've not been made aware of and of utilities not properly placed or marked.